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#463 Turquoise

New for 2012! Our new and improved Turquoise is easier to apply and more beautiful than ever. The new SMC Turquoise has more depth and character than the outdated version!

A true, opaque turquoise reminiscent of the gemstone. This vibrant blue is a great base color for your art, and will not be drastically impacted by most colors of clay. Larger speckles in your clay will show through the glaze. Turquoise will break slightly over texture, and layers wonderfully with many of our modifying glazes. Dinnerware, microwave and oven-safe when applied appropriately and fired to Cone 6 (oxidation). Not recommended for use in reduction (gas) kilns.

Application tips: Apply one (1) dipped coat or 2-3 brushed coats on clay that has been bisque-fired to Cone 04 (glaze application should be approximately the thickness of a dime). We always recommend rinsing your bisqueware with clean water a few minutes prior to glazing. This will encourage better glaze adhesion and a smoother application. Always allow adequate drying time between coats or layering glazes.

Layers especially well with:
#405 Daiquiri Freeze
#408 Egg Cream
#414 Vanilla Bean
#443 Topaz
#462 Leopard Agate
#464 Azurite
#474 Neptune

 5 GAL
 10# DRY
 463 Turquoise
 9.50 61.50 53.30/ea
 276.75 73.80
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