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Do you ship clay and glaze during the winter months? Sometimes. We let the temperature in Atlanta, GA, and wherever you are, dictate when we can ship. We will not ship clay or glaze when there is a hard freeze on either end of the shipment (or anywhere in between). This is to protect the quality of our products, ensuring you receive them in the same superior condition they were when shipped. If you've used our clays, you know that they are free of air bubbles and ready to use straight out of the bag. However, the freezing/thawing process on the water content in clay causes water molecules to redistribute throughout the clay-making it very inconsistent and hard to use. Typically frozen clay will need to be completely re-wedged before use.

Glazes can be more dramatically altered by the freezing process. Sometimes chemical changes and reactions can take place due to the extreme cold-changes that may render the glaze completely unusable.We suggest you stock up whenever possible in the late Fall. If you are needing our products during the winter months, call us and we can help you watch for periods of more temperate days/nights to safely ship your order. Fortunately, in Georgia, we do not typically experience too many days that are below freezing.

Q: What do I need to look out for when accepting a UPS shipment? When receiving a UPS shipment, always double check the label on the package-it will indicate the number of boxes that you should be receiving. Do not sign for the shipment if there is a package missing.

Q: What if there is damage to my UPS order? Look over your boxes when you receive the shipment, if the boxes are damaged be sure to open them and check the contents before you sign for the package. Do not sign for the package if there is damage to the box's contents. If there is damage, call us before you sign or refuse the shipment and then call us. When you sign for a package you are stating that the shipment arrived complete and in good condition, so doing this helps us if we need to get UPS to replace the damaged items.

USPS-Flat Rate Boxes
Q: Will you ship clay and glazes using the UPS Flat Rate Boxes? We can ship clay using the UPS Flat Rate Boxes, but not glaze. The USPS will not honor any damages or replacements due to shipping liquids. Because shipping USPS is more labor-intensive, 50 lb. clay boxes shipped via USPS are $23.00 each, and USPS orders are shipped on Mondays. If you do order via USPS Flat Rate, please allow us a few extra days to ship your order (as it requires a trip to the post office as opposed to direct pickup).

Q: Why is this not the ideal method of shipping for SMC clays? Quite simply-the size of our clay extrusion is slightly taller than the largest USPS box. While we can fit two bags of clay in the largest flat rate box, in order to do so we must "squish" the clay and deform the shape of the bags slightly. Typically when you have clay shipped in one of our regular boxes, the clay bags arrive in perfect shape and are ready to use right out of the bag. With USPS, the distortion of the bag shape may result in you needing to wedge some of the clay before using it. And, while the weight limit set on the Flat Rate boxes is 70 lbs., our 50 lb. clay boxes tend to get well-weathered in transit.

Please note that USPS shipping will not be available through SMC between Thanksgiving and Christmas. All orders shipped from SMC during that time will be sent with UPS or freight. Please order your USPS shipments this week, orders for USPS shipping will be honored as long as they are received by 5 p.m. EST on Friday, November 17. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Q: How do freight shipments arrive?
Our freight shipments are sent as "truck-end delivery." This means the truck line is only responsible to get your items to the back of the truck, they are not required to unload the truck or carry the shipment indoors. Many times a nice driver will help with these steps, but they are not required to do so. Be sure to request a lift-gate for the truck if you will need it for unloading.

Q: Can you have the truck line call me when they plan to deliver? Our best advice is to let us give you the truck line information and PRO (tracking) number, and you call the truck line to inquire about delivery time/date. If we ask the truck line to call you to schedule delivery, they add on a hefty extra charge.

Q: What if there is damage to my freight order? If the order arrives and you notice damage to the pallet/boxes, or if anything is missing, refuse the order. We shrink wrap all of our freight shipments, take notice if the shrink wrap is cut or removed. Again, do not accept the shipment or sign for it. When in doubt, call us first. If you sign for an order, you are saying that it is complete and in good condition. At that point there is no responsibility for SMC or the freight company for any damaged or missing items. Please ensure that your shipment is complete (count all boxes) and look for any damages to the packages or products. It's perfectly acceptable, and encouraged, to have the driver wait a few minutes while you complete this process. 
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