Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Co.

4744F North Royal Atlanta Drive
Tucker, GA  30084
PHONE (770) 986-9011 / FAX (404) 492-7190
Yes, we are open to the public! 

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Q: Do you allow returns and/or exchanges of your clays and glazes? We do not accept returns or exchanges on our clays and glazes, all sales are final. Full store credit will be given on returns of wet glaze when they are made within 30 days due to the product being faulty or damaged at time of purchase/receipt. We do this to protect you as the consumer. When you purchase our products, we guarantee you that they have been manufactured, handled and stored in an appropriate manner. If we accept returned products, we cannot ensure their purity, consistency or condition.

If there is a quality issue with one of our products or you experience an odd result, please call or email us. Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Company stands behind our products-we will work with you to figure out what has caused the challenge. We will only consider a refund or store credit if we can access the remaining glaze or clay for our own testing, and see fired samples indicating your problem. We will issue a refund or store credit where applicable if it is determined that the problem is caused by faulty manufacturing. We will not issue a refund or store credit if it is determined that the problem is caused by misuse or improper firing.

***SMC will not honor any returns on wet clay, dry glazes, dry materials, custom batches, or shipping/packing charges. Please note that orders shipped back to SMC will be refused without prior return authorization. Return shipping will not be paid by SMC, and returns will not be granted for items damaged or lost during transit to SMC. SMC bears no responsibility for shipments not packed by SMC.***

Q: Do you guarantee your dry glaze batches?
We do not offer returns, store credits or exchanges on glazes that are sold in dry batch. Why, you ask? Because a large part of what makes SMC glazes special is our detailed mixing process. Our wet glazes are blended on a high speed mixer for a minimum of four hours. The materials are added and dissolved one at a time, in a specific order, in warm water. How well and how thick/thin a glaze is mixed, especially the first time, can drastically effect it's final adherence and fired performance. Plus, all glazes behave differently-and one glaze may need to be a bit thinner/thicker than another for optimum results. We are intimately familiar with each glaze in our line, and know how best to properly mix them. While we guarantee the integrity and quality of our dry materials, we cannot accurately predict their behavior and performance when the glaze mixing is out of our control.
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