Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Co.

4744F North Royal Atlanta Drive
Tucker, GA  30084
PHONE (770) 986-9011 / FAX (404) 492-7190
Yes, we are open to the public! 

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Products & Philosophy

What makes SMC so special? Our focus on quality. Keeping that in mind:

-We don't cut corners by eliminating bag ties or switching to thinner, lightweight bags and boxes. Doing so drastically shortens the life of your clay, and we want your SMC clay to be fresh and in optimum consistency when you're ready to use it.
-We don't skimp by using untested colorants and dry materials. We only sell you the same chemicals that we use in our products. We use and sell only domestic materials (except for our English Grolleg).
-We don't ship clay or glaze when temperatures are below freezing. Doing so drastically impact the quality and performance of clay-based products.

Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Co. produces versatile, reliable and economical clays.

We have clay bodies designed for throwing, handbuilding, sculpture and architectural projects. Many of our clays are designed to perform at a variety of temperatures and in extreme firing conditions-salt, wood and raku. Several of our clays can even do all of the above!
Reliable: We know that product quality and consistency is essential. Year after year, purchase after purchase, we will always work to ensure that the performance, appearance and makeup of our clays does not unexpectedly change. We never cut costs by using flimsy boxes, lightweight bags or eliminating bag ties. Our packaging is carefully selected to ensure the longevity of our clay bodies, and that when you open a box the clay will be fresh and ready to use.
Economical: Check out our price list and you’ll see that even our specialty clays are reasonably priced. We offer generous quantity discounts-the more you buy the more you save! Our price breaks are good on your total clay purchase-whether you choose only one clay or combine several bodies on your order.

Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Co. also creates unique, functional and user-friendly glazes.

Unique: We strive to create glazes that are unlike any others on the market. From the striking red of Ruby Slippers to our variety of translucent oribes, our glazes will give your masterpieces a one of-a-kind look. Our line includes many colors and finishes that have variation and movement, showing off the texture and detail in your work.
Functional: Our glazes are designed to fit a variety of work styles. Each glaze in our Cone 6 line is food safe, and designed to work on most of our clay bodies. Many of our Cone 6 glazes perform beautifully in oxidation and reduction. Our products that are designed to modify other glazes will typically do so without causing running or pitting. Most of our glazes work very well together, and even play nicely with other brands of glaze and clay.
User-Friendly: We know how challenging glazing can be for many artists. We work hard to formulate glazes so most are easy to dip, spray and yes-even brush. All of our raku glazes are lead-free. Our glazes are sold wet in pints, 1-gallon buckets and 3-gallon buckets, and dry in 10# increments. We test fire each batch of every glaze before it is sold-ensuring that the glaze you want is the glaze you get. Every time.

What do we carry?
We are currently focusing our inventory on mostly products we make in house. Our goal is to keep overhead and "resale" costs down, allowing us to devote both our resources and attention to our own products. By doing so, we can intimately know all of our products-and better help you use them. We can also order our manufacturing materials in larger quantities, and receive discounts that we can pass on to you. Check our clay price list-you'll immediately notice that most of our clay bodies are very economically priced. Our goal is to make our products accessible to use for all of your clay and glaze needs-from the everyday to the extraordinary.

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