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While all SMC glazes are designed to layer well with each other, some glazes are ideal for layering-causing drastic color change and textural breaks in the base coat. Below is a list of our most dramatic, most effective and most popular glaze modifiers. But remember-you will want to experiment when combining any glaze colors. While your overall glaze thickness should always be that of a matchbook cover, how many coats of each individual glaze-and what order you apply them-will effect they way the glazes interact and change the overall look of the piece. For more information on any of the glazes listed below, click on the glaze name and you will be redirected to the glaze's page. All of our cone 6 glazes are food-safe, and any of our modifying glazes are also beautiful and unique when used alone.

456 Stardust: It was born to be a modifier. Subtle, sheer and sparkly on clays by itself, Stardust drastically effects color, movement and finish when layered over other glazes. Even non-breaking, opaque glazes will come alive, and easily highlight texture, when layered with a little Stardust. Whether you cover a large area or add a few quick brush strokes for accent, Stardust will definitely add a little bling to your glazed piece. And like all SMC cone 6 modifiers, Stardust is lovely and unique when used by itself.

490 Mardi Gras
: Mardi Gras is the glaze with split personalities. It will change color dramatically on any and all clay bodies, and will bring out new and interesting colors when layered with other SMC glazes. It's colorful and sparkly finish has been known to bring out greens, blues, purples and a variety of other colors when layered. And like all SMC cone 6 modifiers, Mardi Gras is lovely and unique when used by itself.

461 Rose Quartz: By itself, Rose Quartz is understated, opaque and subtle. A soft whitish-pink with a little surface break, Rose Quartz is heavily used as a liner glaze for functional ware. But what makes Rose Quartz interesting is what happens when it layers with other glazes. Rose Quartz modifies both ways-whether you use it as a base or layer it over another color. It will cause dramatic breaking and movement, and often extreme color change. And it will impact the same glaze in different ways-depending on how they are layered. And like all SMC cone 6 modifiers, Mardi Gras is lovely and unique when used by itself.

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