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Hybrid Clay

What is Hybrid Clay?

Hybrid Clay, most simply, is typically a mix of two Stone Mountain Clay premium bodies. When making clay, we clean out our machinery thoroughly each time we switch to a new clay body. This ensures that when you buy any Stone Mountain clay, the color and performance is consistent to that body.

However, we are human and accept that occasionally a bit of clay might not clean out all the way-and could end up transferring into a few bags of the next body we run. To guarantee the look and performance of our clays, the beginning of the first load of each clay body is then deemed "hybrid" clay and sold at a cheaper rate.

Because of its nature, Hybrid Clay may vary in color throughout each bag or each load. And unlike our house clay bodies, we cannot always predict or guarantee the mix's final fired color. In some cases, Hybrid Clay may appear and perform exactly like one of our premium bodies, in extreme cases color change/clay texture will be noticeable throughout the bag. Ideal for practice work, kids' workshops and unfired pieces.

**Please note: Hybrid Clay is only available locally, and in bags (no boxes). We can only ship it via USPS Flat Rate Ship Boxes or in larger quantities on a pallet. Please call for more information. Hybrid does not count toward a quantity discount price when combined with any other clays. Because it is a byproduct, we do always have stock of Hybrid Clay - please call ahead if needed.**
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