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Glaze Finish (cone 6)

Often you choose your glaze not only by the color-but also by its finish and function. Is it sheer, does it break, how glossy will it appear? To help you understand the finish on many of our glazes, we've broken them into several convenient groups. Some of SMC's fantastic glazes may fall into more than one category. Click on any glaze name below to bounce to that color's page.

**Always remember-the thickness of a glaze application and the color of your clay body
can often dramatically impact the opacity and overall look of a glaze.**

Translucent/Sheer: SMC glazes that break to a clear where thinner and typically show the most color from the underlying clay body. 401 Crystal Clear, 405 Daiquiri Freeze (semi-opaque), 407 Buttered Popcorn, 414 Ginger Mist, 418 Liquid Smoke, 429 Pink Grapefruit Juice, 430 Cranberry Juice, 431 Vanilla Icing, 441 Root Beer, 442 Emerald, 445 Amethyst, 447 Sapphire, 448 Charcoal Cherry, 456 Stardust, 490 Mardi Gras

Glazes with a softer or matte finish. 406 Frosted Black Licorice, 422 Blue Moon469 Sweet Pea, 458 Indigo Montoya, 459 Mrs. Peacock

Shino/Opaque: Glazes with a traditional shino-brown break at edges and texture. 416 Foxy Brown, 417 Envy, 428 Creme Brulee

SMC glazes that have more bold colors and coverage with a gloss finish. Many of them do break and show texture nicely, while some have a very uniform appearance. 402 You Blue It!, 403 Blue Sage, 405 Daiquiri Freeze (semi-opaque), 408 Egg Cream, 409 Tomato Soup, 410 Caramel Corn, 411 Butterscotch Spice, 412 Mint Chocolate Chip, 413 Vanilla Bean, 415 Smoke on the Water, 419 Hydrangea, 420 Gilded Merlot, 421 Champagne Toast, 440 Violet, You're Turning Violet, 443 Topaz, 444 Yellow Submarine, 446 Key Lime, 449 Blue Steel, 450 Rock Lobster, 451 White Russian, 452 Atmosphere, 453 Jade Dragon, 454 My Blue Heaven, 455 Mellow Yellow, 457 Soylent Green, 461 Rose Quartz, 462 Leopard Agate, 463 Turquoise, 464 Azurite, 465 Peridot, 467 Moss Agate, 470 Praline Marble, 471 Tiger's Eye, 472 Ruby Slippers, 473 Edamame, 474 Neptune, 501 Forever in Blue Jeans

Glazes that work beautifully on their own, but also typically cause considerable color change when used under or over other SMC glazes. 405 Daiquiri Freeze, 407 Buttered Popcorn, 408 Egg Cream, 414 Ginger Mist, 418 Liquid Smoke, 421 Champagne Toast 431 Vanilla Icing, 441 Root Beer, 443 Topaz, 455 Mellow Yellow, 456 Stardust, 461 Rose Quartz, 490 Mardi Gras. But don't limit your layering to these glazes only! All SMC glazes are designed to work well together, and many are dynamite for combining together. For some great layering ideas, check out our Dynamic Duos page.

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