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Egg Cream

#408 Egg Cream

A creamy, opaque glaze that is ideal for liners, accents and an overall neutral base color. Works great as a modifier, especially around the rims of your pots, and will not typically cause other glazes to run. Speckles in your clay body will show through the glaze. Egg Cream's color will mottle and break when used on our Black Raven Stoneware (333). Dinnerware, microwave and oven-safe when applied appropriately and fired to Cone 6. Does not typically show much change in reduction (gas) kilns.

Application tips: Apply one (1) dipped coat or 2-3 brushed coats on clay that has been bisque-fired to Cone 04 (glaze application should be approximately the thickness of a dime). We always recommend rinsing your bisqueware with clean water a few minutes prior to glazing. This will encourage better glaze adhesion and a smoother application. Always allow adequate drying time between coats or layering glazes.

Layers especially well with:
#403 Blue Sage
#456 Stardust
#464 Azurite
#471 Tiger's Eye
#473 Edamame

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