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Q: How do I best mix SMC dry glazes? SMC dry glazes are batched in 10# increments. We recommend that you mix the entire 10# in one batch of glaze, as dry materials contents may settle slightly over time. 10# of glaze will typically make between 1 GAL and 1.5 GAL of glaze, depending on how thick you make the glaze. We recommend that you start with about 0.5 GAL of water in your bucket, do not have dry materials on the bottom (use at least a 2 GAL bucket for mixing). Using warm water will better insure the proper absorption and saturation of glaze materials.

Slowly add the dry mix to the water, stirring continuously. Be sure to scrape the sides of the bucket, and be certain that you are not allowing any dry material to settle. Using a Jiffy Mixer is always beneficial. If you use a sieve to remove the bubbles from the mix, DO NOT remove any materials from the glaze. Some dry materials can hold moisture from the air and slightly clump, but can be broken down and pushed through the sieve.

Add some additional water as the glaze begins to thicken, once all of the materials are in you want to wet the glaze until it is the consistency of buttermilk (for dipping). If you are mixing the glaze for brushing, you would want it a bit thicker. If you are mixing it for pouring, you would want to make it a bit thinner.

SMC glazes are designed to be beautiful, user-friendly and reliable. When we sell you our SMC glazes wet, we can provide you a performance guarantee-because we know how they've been mixed. We mix them at a high speed for more than four hours, the glaze actually slightly heats during the process and allows for better absorption of materials. We add liquid suspenders and drying agents that help the glaze stay in perfect consistency for you to use. We also test each wet batch in the exact consistency that you can purchase it. Please keep in mind that when you purchase glazes in a dry format, you have chosen to buy an incomplete product. We can guarantee the correct dry materials are in the bag, but we cannot guarantee that it will perform properly based on variables in the home mixing process. Therefore we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on dry glaze batches. We apologize for any inconvenience, but there is simply too much of the process that is out of our control as a manufacturer.

Q: How can I mix dry glaze from a custom (or my own) formula? You can follow the basic instructions on the mixing process above, but you will need to also take care to ensure that you fully mix the dry materials as much as possible before they are added to water. Be careful and diligent with your measurements. To increase predictability and reliability in your test results, we recommend that you purchase your materials from a company that you trust not to re-source products. All dry materials are NOT equal - talcs, silica, ball clay, etc. - perform differently when brought from different mines. And this can lead to unexpected changes in your results. At SMC, we never re-source any materials unless there is no other option. Because we manufacture, unlike strictly resale shops, we have to ensure the same predictability in our results. So we stick to the same high-quality, production-tested materials time and again.

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