Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Co.

4744F North Royal Atlanta Drive
Tucker, GA  30084
PHONE (770) 986-9011 / FAX (404) 492-7190
Yes, we are open to the public! 

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Q: When I try to make tiles/slabs, the edges seem to curl up and warp. Why? First-make sure you've selected the right type of clay for your project. When in doubt-ask us. Second, look at how you're drying your pieces. If the work is flat, use a layer of newspaper on either side of the clay and store the piece in between two boards that will hold it flat and allow it to dry slowly. A covering of dry-cleaning plastic helps slow down the driving. The newspaper is essential, it allows the clay to shrink as it dries. And don't worry if some of the newspaper sticks to your clay-it will burn off it the kiln.

Q: I keep trying to make pieces, but the clay seems to stick and crack to what I'm working on. How can I stop this? Keep in mind, clay shrinks as it dries. If you are trying to dry it on a non-absorbent surface, it will crack. Drying your pieces on plaster, wallboard, or newspaper will help your piece not crack. Drying on a plastic bat is not a good idea for this reason. If you have thrown something that cannot safely be removed from the bat, make sure to draw your cutting wire under the piece several times (at least once a day) until the piece is sturdy enough to be moved. If you do dry on newspaper, don't worry if some sticks to your clay-it will burn off it the kiln. 

Q: Why do my attachments and slip designs pop off sometimes while drying? If you're using different clay bodies for the piece and the attachments, it could be a shrinkage/agreement issue. If it's the same body, you may not be slipping/scoring enough. When adding attachments-it's better to do so before the clay is dry. Actually a soft leather hard state is good-so that you don't have to struggle to score the clay surface. Also, drying pieces slowly helps give them time to set up properly. If a piece is covered with plastic (dry-cleaning weight works well) and allowed to dry slowly, any attachments or raised design stand a better chance of staying adhered to the piece.
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