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Crystal Clear

#401 Crystal Clear

A clean, glossy transparent glaze. Will not get a milky appearance with regular application. Works well over many brands of underglaze, we have not yet seen any interference. Dinnerware, microwave and oven-safe when applied appropriately and fired to Cone 6 (oxidation or reduction).

Application tips: Apply one (1) dipped coat or 2-3 brushed coats on clay that has been bisque-fired to Cone 04 (glaze application should be approximately the thickness of a dime). We always recommend rinsing your bisqueware with clean water a few minutes prior to glazing. This will encourage better glaze adhesion and a smoother application. Always allow adequate drying time between coats or layering glazes.

Using crystal clear on either of our black clays will not give you a glossy black finish. To achieve that look on the 333 Black Raven Stoneware or 335 Onyx Krunch Stoneware use the 407 Buttered Popcorn.

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