Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Co.

4744F North Royal Atlanta Drive
Tucker, GA  30084
PHONE (770) 986-9011 / FAX (404) 492-7190
Yes, we are open to the public! 

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328 Big Red Stoneware

328 Big Red Stoneware is a deep, reddish-colored clay. Ideal for throwing and handbuilding, Big Red easily holds its shape when used to create taller and wider pieces, and takes attachments with ease. It is a great clay for slab work and large pieces. 328 textures and alters nicely, it provides a great surface for carving or stamping. Its red color will darken sheer glazes, and warm many other glazes' fired colors. At a lowfire, Cones 06-04, Big Red will perform like a traditional terracotta clay for planters and decorative pieces. Big Red vitrifies (becomes water-tight) at Cone 6, and can be fired up to Cone 8 in oxidation or reduction.

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