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262 Grey Speck Stoneware

262 Grey Speck Stoneware is a cool, deep gray color with pronounced speckles. Ideal for throwing and handbuilding, Grey Speck hold its shape when used to create taller and wider pieces, and takes attachments with ease. Great for platters and slab work. 262 textures and alters nicely, it provides a great surface for carving or stamping. Its deep color may change a glaze's fired color, depending on the translucency and tone. Grey Speck vitrifies (becomes water-tight) at Cone 6, and can be fired up to Cone 8 in oxidation.

Did you know...Grey Speck makes an exceptional decorating slip (we even make it this way!). When used on our other stonewares, it can create a strong contrast in your glazing and overall design. When used as a decorating slip, Grey Speck can be fired up to Cone 10 in oxidation, reduction or salt. Let us save you a step, click here to check out our Grey Speck slip-ready to use!

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