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251 Raku

251 Raku is a user-friendly clay body-suitable for almost any type of work. With just a little body texture, the 251 Raku can create taller/wider shapes with ease. Great for slab work. A very universal body, the 251 is ideal for raku firing, and works great as a lowfire clay (fires white at 06-04). When fired to Cone 6, the 251 vitrifies and is great for dinnerware and functional pieces (fires off-white at Cone 6). Fire it all the way to Cone 10, oxidation or reduction, salt, wood-it will perform very well! Great for throwing and handbuilding, the 251 Raku alters and takes attachments with ease. Provides a great surface for carving or stamping. Although it is specially designed to withstand the thermal shock of raku-firing, Raku vitrifies (becomes water-tight) at Cone 6, and can be fired up to Cone 10 in oxidation or reduction.

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