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4744F North Royal Atlanta Drive
Tucker, GA  30084
PHONE (770) 986-9011 / FAX (404) 492-7190
Yes, we are open to the public! Retail showroom is open Mondays-Saturdays

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New! Update on our USPS Flat Rate Shipping policy for SMC clay orders. Click here.
SMC Steal! Beginning September 6: This Steal is one on of our top-selling cone 6 glazes - 461 Rose Quartz! Grab a pint or one-gallon bucket of Rose Quartz at 50% off with any other regular-priced SMC glaze purchase. What makes Rose Quartz so fantastic? It's a gorgeous, opaque, pinkish-white glaze on its own - great as a liner or a non-moving base. But layer it OVER or UNDER other glazes - and that's when Rose Quartz works its magic! Rose Quartz will break, move, mottle and modify virtually any other glaze that it touches. It will give a great white-breaking accent over glazes on rims and handles, and is fun to use on flat pieces under other glazes to create visual texture and movement. No matter how you use Rose Quartz - it's sure to please!  This steal is limited to one regular-priced pint or gallon of Rose Quartz per customer, while supplies last. Grab your Steal before this one disappears! (In stock merchandise only - no rain checks. No other discounts or coupons apply to the Steal.)

What is the SMC Steal? Every so often one exciting SMC product will be put on a "Steal", a very special discount that will last a very short time. Through SMC's Steal you can get a great deal on SMC clays, glazes, slips and more. Simply stay tuned to the website, email and Facebook for each new Steal - and take advantage before they are gone!

Welcome to Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Company! Tired of boring, ordinary and inconsistent products? You've come to the right place! Our clays, glazes and decorating slips are reliable, unique and oh-so-user-friendly!
With more than 30 years of clay and glaze formulation and production experience, our products are designed for potters who are too busy for trial and error-they're right the first time, every time! Our convenient production center and retail showroom is located in Tucker, off North Royal Atlanta Drive (click here to visit us!).

The best thing about Stone Mountain Clay - we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products. Not just the big name brands, but products you can rely on - and that we can really stand behind. We focus most heavily on creating and selling our own premium products, and are experts about their use and performance. We don't cut corners by changing formulas or substituting materials, our production process is meticulously maintained. We are busy creating new and exciting clays, slips and glazes for you to enjoy. Our retail showroom is packed with fired samples-showing a variety of different uses, applications and combinations featuring fantastic SMC products. Formulate your own clays or glazes? We sell the best dry materials available, at reasonable prices, and create custom bodies for many customers. When you deal with Stone Mountain Clay you are working with the team that actually DEVELOPS and CREATES each batch of clay and glaze, and more than that - we actually USE the final products! Can your dealer say the same thing?

Our website is always growing and developing, so please check back for updates.
The site has information sheets about each of our clays and glazes, with photo galleries, firing recommendations and glazing/usage tips. We have added a Q&A "Help Center" to provide answers to many of your commonly asked questions, as well as a "Dynamic Duos" page-dedicated to glaze layering. Check out our downloads page for back issues of our newsletter, as well as price lists, color charts and firing schedules.

At Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Co., our goal is to create the highest quality products and get them to you as efficiently and economically as possible. Our easy-to-use products are unique in function and appearance, just like your finished creations. Visit us in person, or contact us via phone or email-we're happy to answer any questions and recommend (or make!) just the right products for your needs. Our friendly, knowledgeable and patient staff will make your pottery experience easier and more enjoyable. With Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Company, you can create your art with a rock solid foundation!

Visit SMC's showroom in person, or check out any one of our helpful distributors to purchase Stone Mountain Clay & Glaze Co. products! Don't have an SMC distributor in your area? Call us directly for honest shipping and competitive freight rates. we'll be happy to help you discover the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to enjoy your favorite SMC products.

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